DATUM is a journal of A/architecture and design founded and edited by students at Iowa State University. The publication is a medium for critical academic discourse through the exchange of bold design and progressive ideas.

Our publication and discussions seek to catalogue our community and act as a medium for further inquiry and critique of both academia and design practice.  

DATUM strives to be a platform for all people to voice their opinions and concerns, show their creations, and share their thoughts.

Special Thanks

DATUM would like to thank Iowa State University Department of Architecture for their continuous support and invigorating enthusiasm for the journal and community. We would also like to thank Iowa State Student Organizations for all they do to keep projects like DATUM alive.

As a student-run publication/organization, we are grateful to all donors, current and previous, for their contributions that have assisted us in achieving all that we have.

Donors have no influence on or involvement in the work selected for the publication.

To donate or contribute to DATUM’s publications, discourses, or outreach, contact us.